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Oasis and the Braboys

Trip of a lifetime… 10 mates from Maroubra Beach. Hard charging in and out of […]

Oasis hosts Taj and Crew!

Since we built our boat, “Oasis” in Indonesia 10 years ago, we have hosted a […]

New Surfing By Laws

The Mentawai government has passed new laws to regulate and tax the surfing industry in […]

Banyaks Rule

Treasure Island and the bay of plenty. Going from beyond the Mentawai Islands to the […]

2014 Season Recap.

Andy Potts split his time on Oasis and some of the camps including Macaronis. Epic […]

Kauai Crew on Oasis

The Kauai Kids are alright… And watch them kill it in the Mentawais.

Richardo Santos – Kandui, Mentawai

Amazing Surfer. Witness him craving up Kanduis. Square deep shacks with commitment and style.

MENTAWAI LEFTOVERS from Orion Owens on Vimeo.

Seen and unseen footage that was featured in Surfing Magazines Teen Age movie last summer.

Featuring -
Isaiah Moniz, Josh Moniz, Seth Moniz, Benji Brand and Kaulana Apo.

Music -
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Vad Hände Med Dem
Goat - Goatman

Mentawai Left Overs

Cool Video of waves funneling in.