Oasis hosts Taj and Crew!

Mentawai Mohawk Barber Shop

Since we built our boat, “Oasis” in Indonesia 10 years ago, we have hosted a multitude of guests from all over the world who wanted to sample the amazing waves of the Mentawai Islands.

However, in the first half of May 2016, we were lucky enough to have a group of guys onboard that were, without doubt, the most relaxed, comfortable and congenial guests that we have ever had on board Oasis.

Taj, Dane, Ozzie, Craig, Noa, Creed, and Dion were without doubt, the most appreciative and personable guests that we have ever had onboard our boat. They were also the best surfers that we have ever had onboard our boat…duh!

The footage was amazing, the experience was amazing, and as many of you must know by now, Taj was able to make use of our ‘Top Deck’ to perfect his Mohawk Barber Shop. A few of us survived that Top Deck Party… but Fiji was next !!! … and we all know what happened there !!!

If you choose to book Oasis, you might want to leave your Clippers at home … and your Tattoo guns…. but be sure that you bring your best boards.

Let’s do it again.

Verne May 2016