Mentawai Island Standard – 10 Surf Days / 11 Nights

Our standard charter around the Mentawai Islands. Spend 11 nights and 10 days aboard the Oasis as we travel up and down the Mentawai Chain. We will depart out of Bugis Harbor from Padang, West Sumatra on the evening of our start date. Then travel for 10 days hunting down waves in the Mentawai zones between Thunders and Playgrounds. Depending on the swell and wind conditions we will surf 7 to 15 different surf spots along our way. Including Hts, Lances Left, Macaronis, Telescopes, Rifles, Bankvaults, Ebay, Rags Right, Green Bush, Scarecrows, Thunders, Melacopa, Beng Bengs, Nupusi, and many more lessor know spots.

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